Management and Prevention of Gingival Recession: The Interactive Seminar

Challenging and on-target, this innovative and interactive seminar inspires you to transform the way you practice dentistry

This seminar is for general dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists, and staff.

3 Hours

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Gingival recession presents some of the most challenging treatment considerations dentists face. Gain confidence and remove the confusion surrounding gingival recession in your practice.

Treat patients more predictably and with less anxiety about esthetic zone subgingival tooth preparation and restoration, orthodontics, root sensitivity, restorative & periodontal therapy near delicate gingival tissues, and what you recommend for oral hygiene methods.

Start improving your practice today with transformative learning from Dr. Merijohn, a widely recognized leading clinician and educator in periodontics. Challenging and on-target, this innovative and interactive seminar inspires you to change the way you practice dentistry.

Experience the unprecedented evidence-based system that will help you exceed your patients’ expectations, and yours. Management and Prevention of Gingival Recession is the engine for change you’ve been looking for.


Demystify gingival recession and acquire a solid foundation and practical systematic method in what to look for, how to plan, and how to predictably manage and prevent gingival recession. Take this seminar and increase the scope of your practice services to include the management and prevention of gingival recession.

You will learn:

  • The key factors that increase susceptibility to gingival recession
  • A systematic approach for developing targeted and personalized action plans for the prevention and management of gingival recession in your practice
  • Practical clinical decision-making criteria for when and how to monitor gingival recession and when a patient is a candidate for surgical evaluation or referral to a periodontist

Faculty: George K. Merijohn DDS