Gingival Grafting Mandibular Anterior Lingual & Minimally Invasive Tissue Harvest

Boost your gingival recession therapy with this innovative, ground-breaking seminar!

Recommended for specialists or general dentists experienced in root coverage surgery for multiple contiguous teeth via coronally advanced flap and subepithelial palatal graft harvest. Clinical staff of doctors attending are always welcome.

3-hour or full-day seminar or seminar/workshop formats available

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You already know there’s a vast untapped potential for gingival recession therapy.

Are you looking for ways to energize and expand your practice? Do you want to further your knowledge in mandibular anterior lingual grafting and minimally invasive autogenous tissue harvesting?

Recommended for specialists or general dentists experienced in root coverage surgery for multiple contiguous teeth via coronally advanced flap and subepithelial palatal graft harvest, this seminar is the engine for change you’ve been looking for to energize and expand your practice.

Challenging and on-target, this innovative and interactive seminar inspires you to change the way you treat gingival recession.

Start improving your practice today with transformative learning from Dr. Merijohn, a widely recognized leading clinician and educator in periodontics. He is a leading pioneer in minimally invasive mandibular anterior lingual grafting and non-palatal autogenous harvesting. These procedures were every day, routine procedures in Dr Merijohn’s practice beginning in 1990. In 2013, the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) invited Dr. Merijohn to give the first formal presentation on the subjects at an AAP Annual Session (2013, Philadelphia). Dr. Merijohn teaches you the same techniques he regularly shares with postdoctoral periodontal residents and their faculty.

Learn skills that you can immediately implement into your practice. Experience the methods that will help you exceed your patients’ expectations and yours.

Mandibular Anterior Lingual Grafting

Gingival recession and bone loss on the lingual aspect of mandibular anterior teeth is often neglected and infrequently treated. Anxiety over potential mandibular anterior postsurgical complications, bleeding and unpredictable results can cause dentists to hesitate in recommending and/or providing treatment. Dentists are often unaware of predictable and minimally invasive solutions.

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This unique anatomic zone demands innovative and counter-intuitive surgical approaches. Learn the time-tested, predictable, practical, and systematic approaches you have been looking for without needing to buy specially designed instruments or biologic materials.

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In “master class” style clinic sessions, Dr. Merijohn teaching minimally invasive surgery techniques in and protocols for lingual grafting, remote site harvesting, and palatal harvesting to periodontal residents and faculty at UC San Francisco and the University of Washington.

Treat patients more predictably and with less anxiety. You’ll be taught a solid foundation in evaluating, planning, and predictably treating mandibular anterior lingual gingival recession. Learn what to avoid and when not to do surgery.

Minimally Invasive Tissue Harvesting for Gingival Recession Surgery

Autogenous tissue grafting is the proven gold standard for gingival recession therapy with the best track record in terms of safety, effectiveness, esthetics and long-term patient value. For reducing recession, root coverage, gaining clinical attachment and increasing keratinized tissue, the highest level evidence continues to point to autogenous tissue as the very best available.

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However, patient and referring clinician fear about post-surgical problems such as pain and bleeding associated with conventional palatal tissue harvesting can cause dentists to hesitate referring and patients to avoid surgery.

Dr. Merijohn teaches you elegant, innovative, and practical approaches for non-palatal and palatal minimally invasive donor harvest surgery – core procedures which contributed greatly to his thriving periodontal practice. Learn 3 distinct approaches for tuberosity harvest and techniques for harvesting gingival tissue from 2 other non-palatal sites.

Less patient fear, less pain at the harvest site, less difficulty chewing and talking, reduced postoperative bleeding and complication risks makes for more referrals from grateful patients and referring dentists.

“I just wanted to say how appreciative I am of the knowledge I gained from you during residency at UCSF. The tuberosity harvest is one of my favorite places to go and my patients love me for it.”
Sean Sakhai, DDS, MS
Woodland Hills, CA

Bonus Topic (time permitting): Boosting Referrals

Knowledge and skill in mandibular anterior lingual grafting and minimally invasive tissue harvesting for gingival recession surgery can distinguish you in your community and give you a competitive advantage. However, different skill sets are needed to boost referrals. In this exciting segment, Dr. Merijohn shares with you his Top 10 innovative, practical, and tried-and-true methods that increase referrals for gingival recession therapy.

Faculty: George K. Merijohn DDS