About AFDI®

Helping Dental Professionals Deliver Safer High-Quality Care

The go-to resource for discriminating dental professionals

The Covid-19 Pandemic shined a spotlight on contaminated aerosol generation and its established disease transmission health risk for clinicians and patients alike. It forevermore made the public and the dental profession concerned about aerosol disease transmission in the dental office. Aerosol-free dentistry is clearly the safest choice for all.

Aerosol Free Dentistry International, Inc (AFDI®) is a ground breaking British Columbia-based dental company established in 2020 to assist the dental profession in incorporating state-of-the-art safer treatment delivery methodologies verified as gold standard benchmarks during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The AFDI® approach helps dental healthcare professionals thrive delivering safer dentistry – dental care that’s aerosol-free and substantially aerosol-reduced.

AFDI® is the go-to resource for discriminating dental professionals seeking to deliver safer high-quality care, save time, implement best practices and boost profitability.

The AFDI service platform is on-target, innovative and unprecedented in the dental profession. Ever-increasing in scope, at its core AFDI® provides:

  • Educational seminars, webinars, and hands-on workshops
  • Private in-practice consultation services
  • Evidenced based publishing materials for point-of-care use including quick reference chairside treatment guides, clinical examination guides; pretreatment checklists and record keeping systems

The company continuously researches the latest innovations in dental technology and procedures and assists its clients in implementing best practices. AFDI® consulting services are custom–tailored and designed for private practices of all sizes and scope and dental service organizations.

Partner with AFDI® and give your practice the solid foundation and competitive edge it needs in the Post-Covid Era of safer aerosol free and aerosol reduced dentistry.

Founder George K. Merijohn DDS

AFDI® President and CEO

Dr. Merijohn is recognized as a leading educator in North America in periodontics, minimally invasive surgery, aerosol-reduced dentistry, and advanced periodontal hand instrumentation.

He is passionate about clinical excellence and practicality, sound evidence, therapeutic approaches that are safer for patients and clinicians, and increasing global access to high-quality preventive periodontal oral health care.

Dr. Merijohn’s experience in complex interdisciplinary therapy gleaned from 28 years of private periodontal practice in San Francisco and his passion for clinical excellence infuses his service to advancing the art and science of dentistry.

He earned his dental degree from the University of Illinois and his specialty certificate in periodontics from the University of Washington.

Dr. Merijohn is an Assistant Professor in the department of Graduate Periodontics at the University of Washington and University of California San Francisco.

Considered an expert in his areas of interest, Dr. Merijohn is a recognized lecturer internationally. He is distinguished by his ability to impart complex information in a clear and systematic manner and for his practical approaches in translating evidence-based decision making at the point of care.

Dr. Merijohn authored the guidebook, Advanced Periodontal Hand Instrumentation Quick Reference Guide, authored multiple papers published in leading peer-reviewed journals and has written chapters in internationally published textbooks. He contributes time to organized dentistry, is a member of multiple dental organizations, and served on the editorial board of the Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice (2005-2023).